iSlip Lite, The iPad Screen Cleaner

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The Best iPad Screen Cleaner

Since the release of the first tablet onto the market, we all experienced the same problem. How do I keep my tablet screen clean without scratching or damaging the screen? We all had a phase when we carried a sunglasses cloth and maybe a liquid spray but that lasted just as long as the spray that leaked out of your pocket. What a mess!

Introducing the new sheer iSlip series of screen cleaners from Cooper-Product, the iSlip Lite. The iSlip Lite is made of rugged elastic and high-grade 100% sheer microfiber. The rugged elastic allows the iSlip Lite to stretch and comfortably fit over your cover, while the high grade 100% sheer microfiber is by far the best fabric for cleaning your tablet screen. The iSlip Lite is available in a variety of colors and exciting patterns. The iSlip Lite can also be customized with logos or pictures, contact for custom orders or special request.

The Best Screen Cleaner for your Tablet


The question we get often is: What makes the iSlip SUPERIOR than other cleaners on the market?
  • High Grade Microfiber
  • Readily Available
  • Different Colors
  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Light