iSlipTuFF Rugged Elastic & High-Grade Microfiber

Since the release of the first electronic tablet onto the market, we all experienced the same problem. How do I keep my tablet screen clean without scratching or damaging the screen? We all had a phase when we carried a sunglasses cloth and maybe a spray but that lasted just as long as the spray that leaked out of your pocket.

Introducing the new most rugged iSlip series of screen cleaners from Cooper-Product, the iSlipTuFF. The iSlipTuFF is made of rugged elastic and high-grade microfiber. The rugged elastic allows the iSlipTuFF to stretch and comfortably fit over your cover, while the high-grade microfiber is by far the recommended fabric for cleaning fingerprints and smudges from your tablet screen. The iSlipTuFF is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

  • High Grade Microfiber
  • Washable
  • Durable & Light Weight
Microfiber screen cleaner for ipad

Shop Your ColorThe iSlipTuFF is Design to Clean the Following Tablets ScreensAll iPads | Galaxy Tab & Note 10.1 | NEXUS 10 | Surface | NOOK HD+ | Kindle HDX 8.9 | Any 10 inch Tablet