Screen Cleaner for your iPad, Kindle or Android Device

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iSlip Lite iPad and Android Screen Cleaner

iSlip Lite Series

The iSlip Lite is the best microfiber screen cleaner for your Apple or Android Device. AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW!

The best iPad Screen Cleaner

iSlipTuFF Series

The iSlipTuFF is made of rugged elastic and high-grade microfiber. The rugged elastic fits comfortably over your cover.


7' Series

The 7' is designed to fit 7” to 8” tablets or eReaders. With its high grade microfiber making it perfect for your Kindle Fire.

Apple Juice Screen And Device Cleaner 2oz Travel Pump

Apple Juice Cleaner

The 2oz Apple Juice screen cleaner is the perfect companion when you need to clean your devices on the go!

The iSlip in Place on Your Cover

Safely cleaning the iPad screen

Safely Cleaning Your Tablets Screen

How to Clean iPad

How to Clean the iPad, Kindle or Android Tablet Screen is the leading mobile accessories cleaning innovator. The entire selection of iPad Screen Care Cleaners have been specifically design to clean your iPad Screen or Android Tablet. Once the revolution of electronic tablets hit the market, many tablet users discovered smudges and fingerprints on their iPad or Android screens, and began to wonder "how to clean my iPad or Android screen?" We designed an electronic tablet screen cleaner that combines microfiber® fabric with an elastic band that seamlessly attaches to your tablet.

The iSlip cleaner stores with your tablet so you never miss place your iPad Screen Cleaner. The iSlip is available in a variety of fashion colors and patterns, is rugged, can be washed, and is affordably priced. The iSlip series of Screen Cleaners uses the manufactures' recommended Microfiber® fabric for cleaning your iPad, Nook, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab.

The iSlip will also clean the glass of any electronic device including; Cell Phones, Laptops, Glasses, Navigation Screens or Cameras.

Video: How to Clean your iPad or Android Tablet

The iSlipTuFF in action cleaning an iPad Screen.

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Product Reviews

The iSlip is a simple yet effective and safe method to clean my iPad and Android Tablet. I would like to thank the Cooper-Product Team for making a product that I have a hard time loosing or misplacing.

Luis - California